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How to buy Bitcoin quickly on T-Rex’s website?

Step 1: Visit T-Rex OTC official website: http://www.t-rex.exchange

  • If you already have a user account, click Log In and skip Step 2.
  • If you don’t have a user account. Please enter your email address, click “Send code to Email”, the registration code will be sent to your email. You must enter the code to create an account.

Step 2: On the “Sign up” page, fill out the form with required information including Nickname, Password, Confirm password, Invitation code (optional), Captcha, then tick “I have read and agreed to User Agreement” then click “Register”.

Step 3: After registering, you have to do mobile phone verification, set transaction password and do ID verification.

Step 4: Click “Start” to continue the verification process.

Step 5:  To do mobile phone verification, enter your personal phone number. Then click “Send SMS” to get SMS Code. Input SMS Code and your confirm phone number step has been done. Next, click “Verify” to move to “Set transaction password” step.

After confirming your phone number, the screen will be automatically moving to Set transaction password.

Step 6: To set transaction password, fill out the information including Password, re-enter Password. After that, click “Send SMS”, enter SMS Code that received via phone. Click “Complete” to finish.

After setting the transaction password, the screen will be automatically moving to ID Verification.

Step 7: The ID Verification ensures this account belongs to you personally. This information is necessary when you need support from T-Rex team.

Fill out information including First Name, Last Name and Middle Name, Date of birth (Note: We only accept the 18 years of age or older users). Then click “Next” to register identification documents.

T-Rex allows 3 types of identification documents now: Passport, Identification Card (called ID Card), Driving License. After selecting verification form, you need to upload 3 photos according to the instructions. Then click “Finish” to complete the process of submitting ID verification. Your verification application will be checked by T-Rex within 48 hours.

Step 8: After “ID Verification”, the screen will display “Successful ID verification submission”. Then the payment method will be required (you can input this function later). We recommend you do it immediately. If not, click “Skip” to move to the Fiat page.

After filling out the information: Bank Name, Account Name, Account Number, Bank Address, Transaction Password, click “Submit” to input the payment method.

In addition, after successful ID verification, T-Rex allows you link Google Authenticator (GA) to increase the security of your account (maybe do it later on User Center).

You must download Authenticator software on Apple Store (for iOS devices) or Google Play (for Android devices). Then use the barcode scanning function to register and enter the code from the Authenticator software to complete GA verification.

After input the Google Authenticator, the system will automatically move to the User Center page. You can buy/sell the digital assets quickly.

Step 9: click “Log in” in the upper right corner of the website, enter your account information (email you have registered), password, captcha and click “Log in“.

The system will switch screen to enter the GA code.

Complete entering the GA code, enter the Fiat menu to trade on T-Rex.

Step 10: Click on the Fiat menu, select the type of digital asset you want to trade (eg “Buy BTC”), select the price and the transaction bank, click “Buy BTC“.

Step 11: Enter the amount you wish and click “Buy BTC“.

Step 12: On the order page, confirm the amount and payment method of the order. Transfer your payment to the seller within the time limit and make sure you click on “I have paid“.

Attention: Please note that you transfer money directly to the seller according to their designated bank. If you have already transferred to the seller, DO NOT click “CANCEL”. If you click “CANCEL“, the digital asset will be transferred back to the seller, and you will lose the transferred amount.

(If you have not actually completed payment, please do not click “I have paid” or you will violate the transaction regulations.)

Step 13: Then, wait for the seller to release the digital assets.

Step 14: After the seller releases the digital asset, the transaction is completed.

You may check the digital assets that you just bought by clicking “Account” in the upper right corner, or immediately on the complete transaction interface.


  1. If it is 20 minutes after you click “I have paid” and you have not received the digital asset yet, you can open a dispute or contact Customer Support for assistance.
  2. BTC, ETH, and USDT are available for transactions on T-Rex.
  3. If there are other issues or disputes, you may contact T-Rex Customer Support by email, online chat.