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How can I sell digital assets?

There are two ways to sell digital assets on T-Rex:

  1. Search for buy advertising orders on OTC page (taker)
  • Register a trading account on T-Rex.
  • To sell digital assets, you need to deposit digital assets to the wallet address provided by T-Rex. Then, execute the sell order.
  • Go to the FIAT page, select the type of digital asset, price and transaction bank, select “Sell”.
  • Add amount to sell. Then click “Sell“.
  • The confirmation screen appears. Click “Sell BTC” to finish creating a sell order.
  • After creating the transaction order, you will wait for the buyer to transfer.

The buyer has 20 minutes to transfer money to you. When 20 minutes expire, the transaction will be automatically canceled. This canceled transaction will be recorded to the buyer.

After the status changes to “Paid”, please check whether you have received money in your bank account. If you have received it, please click “Confirm received money” to transfer the digital asset to the buyer.

After confirm and release, you have receive status

2. Create advertisement order and wait for the buyer to buy (maker)

  • Register a new account on T-Rex.
  • To sell digital assets, you need to deposit or transfer digital assets into your OTC account.
  • Click ”Create ad” at the top menu of the website.
  • Add all advertising information and click “Create ad“. After confirmation, your sell order will be displayed on the OTC Exchange.
  • Advertising information includes:
    • Choose Buy/Sell to set buy or sell order types.
    • Select the type of digital asset to trade, the system supports BTC, ETH, and USDT.
    • Reference Exchange: Get reference prices from Bitstamp, thereby making a decision to set a reasonable trading price.
    • Price Type: There are two types of prices: fixed price and float price according to market prices (users can set floating margin).
      • Fixed price: the price decided and set by the seller. For example, 1 BTC = VND 100,000,000 and regardless of whether the market goes up or down, the seller still expects to match the order at this price.
      • Float price: is the Reference Price of x margin set by the seller. Example: If the reference price is VND 80,000,000 and margin is 5%, the price displayed on T-Rex will be 80,400,000 VND when the price goes up to  VND 100,000,000, with the margin of 5%, your displayed price on T-Rex is VND 105,000,000. However, if you want to sell faster, you can enter a low margin of 1% or 2%.

Unit price 1 BTC: the price you expect to sell (if you choose a fixed price)

Total BTC you want to sell: total amount of assets to be transacted.

Minimum number BTC/transaction: minimum limit for each transaction.

Maximum number of BTC/transaction: maximum limit for each transaction.

Notes: You need to be aware of the minimum and maximum limits for each transaction (because one ad can be traded multiple times). The system will automatically convert into VND equivalent when the user enters the amount of digital assets.

Payment Method: the system supports payment option through multiple bank accounts.[

Note: Your digital asset when posting ads for sell will be locked by T-Rex. After the buyer clicks on your sell order, you must wait for the buyer to pay.

Within 5 minutes after the transaction has changed to “Paid” status, please double-check if the transfer has been received. If you have received it, please click “Release” to transfer the digital asset to the buyer.