Why can't I match the offers?

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Sometimes you can not create an order under the taker role. Check these below reasons and how to fix.

You canceled 3 orders a day.

Cancellations are counted when you cancel an order that has been assigned an Order ID. When canceling 3 orders a day (not within 24 hours), your account will be deactivated from the taker role (taker) until 24 hours that day (00:00 the next day).

To continue trading, you have to switch to a maker role, create offers and wait for the order to be matched.

You are not eligible to match ads set by the ad creator.

T-REX allows users without an identity verification (KYC) and users without an T-REX account to be able to trade. However, the offer's maker has the right to chose trading partners options.

Therefore, you should have the identity verification done to trade unlimitedly.

You have expired transaction limit for the day.

Non-KYC T-REX account has the transaction limit at 43,000,000 VND per day.

KYC T-REX account are not subject to a transaction limit.

GUEST (users do not have T-REX account) has the transaction limit at 30,000,000 VND per day.

Contact T-REX Support Team if you do not fall into the above 3 cases.

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