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Two-Factor Authentication with Google Authenticator is a security process where users provide two different authentication factors to verify themselves, protecting personal account information and resources that only they can access. In order to avoid the email account being accessed illegally and used to reset the T-REX account password, users should set up an additional layer of security of 2-factor authentication (2FA). After activating 2FA, you will be the only person with the right to perform operations such as login, withdraw money, transact, access profile and disburse.

Download and install the Google Authenticator

Verify Google Authenticator for T-REX account

Visit the User Center page, under Google Authenticator click Verify.

Open the Google Authenticator and follow the steps below to complete the verification.

1. Scan the QR code or input the provided key sequence into the Google Authenticator.

Note: You'd better save the key sequence somewhere so you can easily install the GA code on other devices in case you accidentally delete the GA app, lose or damage your phone.

2. Click Receive OTP and input the OTP to be sent to the email in this box.

3. Input the OTP code in the Google Authenticator.

The verification process will be completed automatically after you enter 2 OTP codes.

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