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Identity verification advantages

1. Upgrade credibility.

2. No transaction limitation.

3. No transaction fee.

Guide to identity verification

Go to User Center and click on the Verify button at the Identity Verification section.

Input requested information. Though instruction for each step is put during the process, you can refer to the details here.

Step 1: Input your First name.

Step 2: Input your Last name.

Step 3: Select date of birth.

Click "Next".

Step 4: Select the type of documents you use to perform identity verification.

Step 5: Input the ID number.

Step 6: Upload the FRONT side of your document.

Step 7: Upload the BACK side of your document.

Step 8: Upload a photo of YOURSELF holding your ID and a hand writing "Register T-REX year / month / date".

The third photo requirements: shoot from your shoulder up, not any edges of your face is covered and your hand holding the document can be seen and good-lighting, no out of focus or shaking.

Click Submit.

If you cannot upload the image, try again in another browser or contact support.

Congratulations, your document have successfully submitted and will be reviewed within 48 hours.

In the event that you are rejected, the reason for the decline will be sent to your email.

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