How can I sell cryptocurrency?

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There are 2 ways for you to sell digital assets on T-REX Exchange.

Option 1: Create a Sell Offer

Step 1: Visit website T-REX and log in.

Note: you must verify your phone number and identity to post an offer. Verify here.

Step 2: Deposit your digital assets into T-REX Exchange wallet.

Read Deposit instructions here.

Step 3: Click the button "Create offer" to create your sell digital assets proposal.

Step 4: Fill out all the necessary information in the offer information board.

1. Select the Sell button.

2. Select the cryptocurrentcy, the fiat currency and the place to advertise.

3. Select the methods you can use to receive buyer's payments.

4. Select the rate types you want to set up for the offer. There are 2 options, floating price and fixed price.

5. Set the selling price.

  • Enter the spread from the market price if you choose floating price. T-REX recommends that you set the lowest willing-to-sell price (6). This is the floor price you set yourself on your assets to avoid selling losses.
  • Enter the price you are willing to sell if you choose a fixed price.

Set up floating price

Set up fixed price

7. Choose to sell by crypto or fiat currency.

8. Fill in the volume of cryptos or the value of fiat you need to sell.

9. Fill in the minimum volume of cryptos or the value of fiat in 1 order.

10. Fill in the maximum volume of cryptos or the value of fiat in 1 order.

11. Select the transaction limited time from when the buyer opens the order until payment is confirmed.

12. Fill in the automatic reply message (optional).

13. Select trading partner options.

Guest allows users without a T-REX account to match offers. You should copy the offer link and send it to partners or groups to increase liquidity.

14. Choose offer tags (optional), maximum 3 tags for each offer.

15. Write your partner's trading terms and conditions (optional). This is information that will bring you advantages if your order is in dispute because T-REX will use this regulation in combination with T-REX's trading regulations to resolve them.

Step 5: Press the Create Offer button.

16. Click "Receive OTP" to get verify code. If you have activated 2FA then enter the 2FA code.

17. In put the OTP or 2FA code and click "Confirm".

Congratulations, you've successfully created an offer. Online, relax and wait for coming orders.

18. If your offer allows Guest, copy the offer link and send it to buyers who do not have T-REX accounts or post to Facebook, Telegram groups to increase liquidity.

Option 2: Match Buy offers advertised on T-REX offer site.

Step 1: Visit T-REX Fiat page.

Step 2: Find relevant offers.

1. Choose the type of digital asset, payment method you can use, where and the fiat currency you want to exchange.

2. Select "Sell BTC".

3. Select the appropriate advertisement and press the "Sell" button.

Step 3: Read carefully the terms of the buyer's transaction and follow (if any) and click "Agree to the Terms and Conditions of Transaction & Continue".

Note: The transaction terms set by the maker are one of the standards T-REX floor relies on to resolve if your order is disputed. So, please pay close attention and follow these regulations. Please DO NOT open a trade if you do not agree with the trading rules.

Step 4: Fill in the order information.

4. Select the unit of currency.

5. Fill in the quantity of cryptocurrency or the value of fiat currency and take a look at the equivalent exchange value below.

6. Select the methods you want to use to receive your buyer's payments.

7. Click the Sell button.

Step 5: Your order has been created. 

Be patient and wait for the buyer to transfer the payment to you. Send message to the counterparty in the chat box to let him/her know you are online.

Transfer description: If your partner's payment contains a transfer that doesn't match what is provided in the transaction, contact the buyer in the chat box to avoid releasing the wrong order. If the description of the transfer involves relevant content to cryptocurrencies such as "Payment for purchase of USDT, ETH, BTC or cryptos, ect", you have the right to return and request to cancel the order.

Step 6: Release the digital assets.

After the buyer confirms the payment, you check whether the bank account / e-wallet has received yet. Pay close attention to the the transfer description. If your bank / e-wallet has not recorded the transfer, please DO NOT release your digital assets. Otherwise, click Release BTC button to release the digital assets.

Step 7: Confirm payment of digital assets.

Check the box "I have received money!"

Click "Receive OTP" to receive a verification code if you have not activated the 2-layer security storm (2FA) and input it. Otherwise, use the 2FA code.

Congratulations, you have successfully sold digital assets!

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