How can I buy cryptocurrency?

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There are 2 options to buy cryptocurrencies on T-REX Exchange.

Options 1: Create a Buy offer.

Step 1: Log in to T-REX Exchange and click the Create Offer.

Step 2: Fill out Buy offer form.

1. Select Buy.

2. Select the cryptocurrency and the fiat currency for exchanging and the place to advertise the offer.

3. Select methods to pay for seller.

4. Select the price type.

5. Set up price.

  • Fill in the spread from the market price if you choose the floating price. T-REX recommends that you should set the highest willing-to-sell price (6). This is the ceiling price you set yourself on your assets to avoid buying high.
  • Fill in the certain number if you choose fixed price.

Set up floating price.

Set up fixed price.

7. Select the unit of the offer.

8. Fill in the volume of cryptos or the value of fiat you need to buy.

9. Fill in the minimum volume of cryptos or the value of fiat in 1 order.

10. Fill in the maximum volume of cryptos or the value of fiat in 1 orer.

11. Select the transaction limited time from when the buyer create the order until payment is confirmed.

12. Fill in the automatic reply message (optional).

13. Select trading partner options.

Guest is unavailable for a Buy offer.

14. Choose offer tags (optional), maximum 3 tags for each offer.

15. Write your partner's trading terms and conditions (optional). This is information that will bring you advantages if your order is in dispute because T-REX will use this regulation in combination with T-REX's trading regulations to resolve them.

Click the Create Offer button.

Congratulations, you've successfully created an offer. Online, relax and wait for coming orders.

Option 2: Match Sell offers advertised on T-REX offer site.

Step 1: Visit T-REX offer site and log in if the offer you choose does not allow Guest.

1. Select the cryptocurrency and fiat currency for exchanging, location, payment methods and click "Apply" to filter out the relevant offers.

2. Select "Buy BTC, ETH or USDT".

3. Select the most relevant offer and click "Buy".

Step 2: Carefully read the terms and conditions of the transaction set by the maker and click the Agree to the terms and conditions & Continue button.

Please DO NOT create an order if you do not agree with the rules set by the seller.

Step 3: Fill in the volume of the transaction.

4. Select a unit currency to the order.

5. Fill in the amount of coin or the value of fiat. Please take a look to the equivalent exchange value estimated below.

Click the Buy button.

Step 4: Pay the seller.

6. Choose one payment method.

7. Make a transfer to the seller according to the information displayed here. If the partner does not provide the transaction method in advance, please send a message to contact for payment information in the chat box on the right.

Note: The transaction description must be the number provided in each order (underlined number). Make sure that you do not write content related to cryptocurrencies such as "Buy USDT, ETH or BTC, ect".

8. Click the I HAVE PAID button.

If you do not click this button, your order will automatically cancel at the end of the billing time. T-REX will then try to assist you in contacting the partner but not be responsible for reimbursing you.

Step 5: Confirm payment.

Check the information and the amount paid. Then click the Confirm button.

After confirming the payment, the screen will show a Dispute button with a waiting time of 5 minutes. After this time, this button will light up if the seller does not release the cryptocurrency for you so that you can apply a complaint for the T-REX team to assist you in resolving it.

Congratulations, you have successfully purchased digital assets!

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